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Emerging from the vibrant heart of the music scene, the groundbreaking fusion of MC Down and DJ Hymn introduces a duo poised to redefine the boundaries of hip-hop and electronic music. This dynamic pair combines the inspirational journey of John Tucker, known by his stage name MC Down, with the electrifying compositions of the iconic producer and turntablist DJ Hymn to forge an unparalleled musical force.

MC Down, a remarkable talent living with Down syndrome, has not only captivated audiences on the hit A&E TV series "Born This Way" but has also proven his mettle in the music industry with his Emmy-winning presence and undeniable passion for performance. From his early days at Performing Arts Studio West, MC Down has embraced his love for music, leading to the creation of unforgettable tracks like "Shake Your Booty" from his debut album, "The Project." His journey from watching music videos to crafting his unique sound underscores a commitment to authenticity and joy in his craft.

On the other hand, DJ Hymn is a virtuoso of soundscapes, known for his significant contributions to film and television. His portfolio is a testament to his versatility and creativity, working closely with giants like Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon and earning recognition through his tracks for popular series like "Teen Titans Go" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." DJ Hymn's talent has also shone brightly in the commercial realm, notably in a national campaign for Ford Motor Company, showcasing his ability to blend music with visual storytelling. His crowning achievement in the competitive DJ scene came when he clinched the first-place title in the North American DJ Scratch Contest, "Who The Ultimate DJ," cementing his reputation as a pioneer in the industry.

Together, MC Down and DJ Hymn have unleashed their first album, "Down for You," featuring five original bangers that promise to set the music world ablaze. This album marks the advent of a new era. MC Down's heartfelt lyrics and DJ Hymn's innovative beats merge to create a symphony of sounds transcending conventional music boundaries.

For MC Down, the stage is home, a realm of pure happiness and self-expression, a vibe that resonates with DJ Hymn's dope beats, hype music, and energy-filled performance. Their collective message to aspiring artists and individuals facing challenges is a testament to their resilience and dedication: "We're just two kidds doin what we love."

As MC Down and DJ Hymn gear up for their next steps, they invite fans and newcomers alike to embark on this exhilarating journey. Their music, a harmonious blend of passion, innovation, and raw talent, is available for exploration on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and everywhere music is streamed.

This collaboration is more than a merger of two artists; it's a movement, a call to action for anyone who believes in the transformative power of music to change lives and break boundaries. MC Down and DJ Hymn are not just partners in music; they are the new dynamic duo of the scene, ready to take the world by storm with their authentic pioneering spirit and boundless creativity.

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